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Samir & Theresa Attalah

Samir & Theresa Attalah

Egypt to America

When Samir came from Egypt to America in 1979, he had $40 in his pocket and a desire to briefly see the land of opportunity. Samir ended up staying in the United States for ten years before he ever went back to visit his family.

Samir started out as a janitor while he went to Bible college. He went on to become a paper carrier while earning his master’s degree in computer science. By the time he saw the independent business ownership plan, he had amassed a comfortable six-figure income through various businesses and real estate. “When I saw the business, I really did not recognize its potential. I basically agreed to buy products and go to a few meetings,” says Samir.

Getting Busy

After twenty-two months of doing nothing but buying products and attending some seminars, Samir realized that this business was a great way to achieve financial freedom—so he got busy. With the help and devoted friendship of Brad and Julie Duncan, he went Platinum in seven months and Ruby three months later.
Because Samir was single and debt-free, he was able to retire at the Platinum level from his day-to-day job. Samir overcame a lot to build this business. “I struggled with the language barriers. I was single and did all of the paperwork myself, yet I never let my challenges get in the way of my success,” says Samir.

Samir was in Emerald qualification when he met Theresa. She was also building the business as a single in California when they met. “I was working long hours as a sales representative for a large corporation. I had what most of my peers would consider a great career. I was making good money, had all the corporate perks, and was also pursuing an MBA when the business was presented to me for a second time,” says Theresa.

Although Theresa was doing well compared to most twenty-four-year-olds, she had always envisioned a much more successful lifestyle. “This seemed to be the only vehicle for me to have it all! A great marriage and family, lifestyle, and association with positive, goal-oriented people,” says Theresa.

Singles Meet

Samir and Theresa met at a seminar in California and quickly became great friends. They were so focused on their businesses that they were not looking to date, let alone get married in the near future. “I was very impressed with Samir and admired and respected him for what he had accomplished as a single and a foreigner in the business. He also had great family values and incredible integrity,” says Theresa. After about eight months, they decided to date and soon thereafter became engaged. Samir retired Theresa from her career at the ripe young age of twenty-six!

Becoming Better People

“We are so grateful to the World Wide Group support organization and to our dearest friends and mentors, Brad and Julie Duncan, for helping us become better people and for helping us build our Diamondship,” state the Attalahs.

They have great goals to bless their families, especially Samir’s family back home in Egypt. At the Ruby level, Samir was able to buy a new home for his parents and send all seven nieces and nephews to private schools.

Living on a “Street of Dreams”

The Attalahs live in a 4,000-square-foot “Street of Dreams” home in Redmond. “When we moved into the home, we took nothing with us. Instead we completely decorated the home with new furniture and paid cash for everything,” says Theresa. The Attalahs feel very blessed to live in a beautiful home and they will never forget where they came from. “We both lived in old dumpy apartments, had used furniture, and were busted broke. Neither of us ever allowed our struggles to prevent us from thinking long-term. This business requires hard work, but the rewards are so worth it. We cherish our freedom and live a debt-free life with total peace of mind,” says Samir. “We love sharing the business with others and helping them to fulfill their dreams and goals.”

Parents With Time for Their Kids

Samir and Theresa are full-time parents to their three children: “Our children will never know what it is like to have parents that go to a job forty to fifty hours per week, but they will understand what it takes to succeed in your own business,” says Samir.

Anything but Average

The Attalahs’ lifestyle is anything but average. While most people scramble out of their homes early in the morning to get to a job, they begin their day whenever their children wake up. “We spend days together as a family, laughing and playing. In the evening we go out to share the business opportunity with others,” comments Samir.

Today the Attalahs spend a tremendous amount of time with their children. They are very involved in their school and sports. They have huge dreams and goals they continue to work toward, which includes helping their downline fulfill their own dreams.