EIRO Research Scam?

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EIRO Research Scam

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  1. Big mama Dreamer says:

    love you so much

  2. Big Dreamer says:

    In this world of give and take few people give what is takes to bless other lifes and to truly do a good work in this world

  3. DREAMER 33 says:

    Good people and great leaders lift up people and make them feel great.Ty,I feel sorry for your family. I am glad that I am in Samir attalah’s team who makes feel great.

  4. Shawn says:

    I never got the opportunity to meet Ty so I am not able to give an accurate opinion of him. However, I do know Samir Attalah, and I will write that Samir is one of the few people I can count on who stands upon truth and integrity. Yes we all make mistakes and Samir is not a perfect person, but I have seen him time and again admit when he was wrong and work hard to correct things when he has made a mistake. I would encourage anyone who is reading anyone’s comments on the internet to take any comment about someone else with a grain of salt-until you personally meet someone you are not able to make a proper judgement of that person. If you are willing to make the time to meet Samir Attalah, you, like me, will be glad that you took the time to do so!

  5. HOPE says:

    I know Ty tribble when he was in my upline business (mike crowly),I have never liked the way he treats people .He is nothing but little stock up guy and broke

  6. KR says:

    Christian person will never put other people down for his own success like Ty Tribble does .It is sad to raise kids with $$$ made this way.

  7. JAM says:

    the problem is people do NOT investigate what they lookling at when it comes to biz. you should call better business B. to find out the shocking info about what Ty Tribble is involves in.

  8. Jose says:

    EIRO is not a business you can trust, but if your someone like me looking for peace of mind and freedom I would suggest the amway business with the greatest leaders of all Samir and Theresa Attalah. In amway your are better off and liekly to become something great.

  9. Luke says:

    EIRO is a false company all they do is lie and tell you what you want to hear. Hire a lie detective and I could prove my point.

  10. Eve Hart says:

    EIRO is a scam and lie from Ty Tribble the products arent all that healthy for your bodyand arent guarantteed to work. I am a an expert in medicine and nutrition and put all my faith in Nutrilite its all organic and guarantteed 100% and has a successful track record of 75 magnificent years.

  11. Norberto says:

    EIRO is definately a scam. I tried it checked it out and want nothing to do with it. Ty Tribble is such a liar.

  12. Joey says:

    I have to say that I agree with your observation of these other vitamin MLM companies out there. How many of them claim that there products do this and that to you. One product cannot cure cancer, male baldness, sleep disorders, bone aches, bad marriages, and fix your bad kids all by drinking it. Its a total distortion of the facts. Nutrilite always says that it all begins by eating right, and then supplementing your diet to make sure you fill in the gaps. Just like when they came out with their diet plan, they said, “its not a diet, its a lifestyle change.” That’s what is required to really make changes.

    • dan says:

      The want-to-be companies will tell you anything you want to hear to scam you into their miracle product. They dive bomb on people and lead them to believe they can make tons of money on witch doctor potions called viatmins. I am happy to be associeated with the company who invented nutrition.

    • Laura says:

      The biggest difference between the Nutrilite supplements and just about any other brand is that Nutrilite encourages you to make use of the Slight Edge factor and make it work for you. Other vitamins give people the impression that the pills are little miracles in a capsule. Nutrilite, while being the healthiest and possibly most advanced nutrition company on the market, stresses the importance of making the right decisions every day.

  13. joanne johnson says:

    Does anyone know if this company uses plant compounds from organic farms or does it use mostly chemicals to manufacture it products?

    • Dave Baker says:

      As far as I know, Amway’s Nutrilite is the only company that goes to the extreme of owning its own organic farms and using it for its vitamins and other products. They also do multiple quality control test along the way, to make sure that they always have great quality products. You might pay a little more in some cases, but you get what you pay for. Quality is not always cheap. Most other companies skip these little steps to save cost, but Nutrilite just wont do that. Remember its not all just about what you can see on the outside packaging that is important. Its the details that you just don’t see, that makes a huge difference. My trust is in Nutrilite.

  14. Randy says:

    Why do so many companies tell you that they are better than Nutrilite/Amway, when they don’t have the sales or track record to back it up. Oh, yeah your better a packing your inferior product, maybe I will take that. lol

  15. J. Killian says:

    Wow after reading that article who would want to get involved in an scam with EIRO and especially Ty Tribble dont even waste my time I can find more productive things to do.

    • Laura says:

      I agree. Most of the “companies” and “opportunities” I’ve come across on the web that are backed by Ty seem to hold about as much water as those “miracle tooth whitening treatment” banner ads do. Maybe they started with a grain of truth, but now they’re a bit ridiculous. I hope that one day Ty can put all of this nonsense behind him and find stable success.

  16. TJ says:

    EIRO is not a smart decision. It looks good and sounds good at the beginning but its a scam at the end. Dont believe anything Ty Tribble says or you’ll regret it for life if you do.

  17. Anthony says:

    I was not impressed by the information available on their website. Querry on the Direct Selling Association returned 0 results. Do more research before getting involved.

  18. Randy says:

    To Anyone thinking of getting involved in EIRO its not worth wasting your time. There is better stuff out there if you look and are prepared for it that can help you become more successful.

    • dan says:

      I am looking for a company with a track record and honest business mentors. Samir is both of these. Steer clear of this business.

      • Ray says:

        True, most people do not take the time to research the opportunity. Most importantly, as Robert Kyioski states, a leadership program must be present which Samir is passionate about.

        • Laura says:

          John C Maxwell, who is known not only in our business but throughout the world, talks about this frequently. Good leaders are evidenced in the people they are leading. They know how to guide people to their proper place so that they can grow to their highest potential. I think that’s exactly what Samir and Theresa – and the leaders that they have trained – do for the people they work with. I am glad that I am in Worldwide, and under their guidance, rather than lost in the winds of some fad MLM or scam.

  19. Danny says:

    It takes a while to build reputation and trust. This company is trying to muster up to the table, but some of their leaders don’t have great intrepidity, and that makes me wonder. My bet is with Amway and Samir Attalah. At least they can be trusted.

  20. Scott Mason says:

    EIRO could be a good company but I highly doubt it it doesnt have a good track record nor does it have good leaders Ty Tribble is not someone you can put your trust into he will take advantage of you soon and once that happen your done he wants nothing more to do with you.

  21. Jake Stone says:

    Unfortunately Ty Tribble is still out there scamming and robbing people, because he thought he could come up with some better business than one that has a successful 75yr record and has gone through through it all. Who pickled this retards brain?

  22. Melanie says:

    What kind of business is this doesnt sound like something great and successful to be involved in. Knowing the kind off guy Ty Tribble is this is definately not something to get involved in.

  23. Nathan says:

    I cant believe those who are unsuccessful in life always have to tear down and talk bad about those who are. Samir and Theresa Attalah know what they are talking about and can prove themselves a million times. Way to go Attalahs don’t let anyone shake your tree.

    • Susan says:

      Interesting that people like Ty Tribble, who lack integrity, have endless time to spend on a computer tearing down those who are out there being successful. Samir Attalah has consistently been truthful, integral, and solid in mentoring our team for 15 years. That means solid, stable relationships within a team, built on honesty and mutual benefit. Samir Attalah and the Amway business have stood the test of time in our lives, as well as thousands and thousands of others globally.

  24. Tony Cantu says:

    EIRO is the biggest scam if you want real business and freedom go for Amway it has a 75 year track record. Amway works if you know how to work it and theres mentors like Samir Attalah who will show you how.

  25. Destiney Cole says:

    Nothing beat the amway business and a mentor like Samir Attalah. As for EIRO i wouldnt recommend anyone try it. If your smart youll go with the one that has better fruit and apparently thats Amways with a 75yr track record.

  26. Glenn Davis says:

    EIRO is probably a good company, but they do not have much of a track record yet. So with a company just starting, how can you say its better than Amways Nutrilite brand which is already doing some 3.4 Billion in sales a year? It might be, but it not proven. Remember if your sales were $1 last month and this month you sell $2, that’s a 100% growth!

  27. Christopher Olson says:

    Sorry to say but EIRO products are the most disgusting things ever made. I had a bad stomachache for 4hrs and would recommend this stuff to anyone. Nothing beats Nutrilite products.

  28. dan says:

    It is amazing the folks who point the biggest finger are the biggest culprit of dishonest business. Ty was originally in a solid legit business, but ventoured out to scam people. Samlir and Theresa are in a business who has stood the test of time and through numerous skeptics and attacks.

    • Ray says:

      Staying long term focused, doing what is right and with integrity is the formula Samir and Theresa display with their Amyway business, which is what I want to follow!

  29. Kv says:

    I’m glad someone out there is doing their homework.

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