“A Random Act of Kindness I Witnessed”

A Random Act of Kindness I Witnessed

by Jan L.
(Massachusetts, USA)

Random acts of kindness and a random act of kindness I witnessed. This is a happening that I witnessed when my daughter did a random act of kindness. I believe she has been rewarded in return.

I went to visit my daughter, in Philadelphia. She was living there with her husband who was a medical student at UPenn.

They lived in campus housing, which actually was a dilapidated old Victorian house, with separate apartments for students.

They lived on the 3rd floor, which meant a lot of walking up and down, especially with groceries, etc..

During my visit, I saw a down-trodden view of the City of Brotherly Love. Lots of run-down buildings, much poverty and tough neighborhoods.

We were walking along the street and I began to pass right by a beggar who was sitting on the sidewalk. My daughter reached into her bag and gave him some money, saying “God bless you!” and he thanked her. The mother in me thought “Why reward someone begging like that?”

I was working full-time then, and saw that there were no shortage of beggars on the city streets. Still, I admired my daughter’s sincere offering to this down-and-out man.

My daughter was working as a waitress at the time, helping to supply food, etc…while her husband studied all day and into the nights. Their first baby was born while they were in Philly; and only after a few months did she divulge to me that things were so tight that she sometimes washed her laundry in plain water, as she had no money for detergent.

I was aghast. Since I worked, I tried to send her money most weeks to help them get through those sparse 4 years in Philly.

I thought of my daughter handing change to a beggar on the street so cheerfully, when she could have used it herself.

Well, they came home to Boston from Philly after my son-in-law graduated and he studied in Boston to specialize in his field. They now have a big, beautiful home, two lovely, healthy children and have a good life.

When I see her life now, every so often I remember how she gave to beggars on the street and I hope that (and think that) her “God bless you’s” were seen and rewarded.

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  1. Rory Knight says:

    Samir is the most amazing example of this

  2. Jose says:

    great inspiring story for the holiday season . to whom much is given much is required Samir Attalah is a great example of that.

  3. Peter says:

    Outstanding; what a great story. Makes me remember of Samir Attalah whose been a great friend of mine who always takes his eyes off himself and allows me to learn.

  4. Bill H. says:

    Very inspirational. Thanks

  5. dan says:

    What an inspiring story durng the Christmas season(not sure when the article was written, but just saw before Christmas). We often are consummed with being busy we forget how to stop and acknowledge those around us. We are here to serve eachother and help one another. This is an example of taking your eyes of yourself and helping those in need. To much is given, much is required. God won’t trust you with a lot until he knows he can trust you with little. I thank God for great people to remind us what giving is REALLY all about. God Bless you.

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