A winner’s testimony about Samir and Theresa Attalah (part 1)

Hello there,

If I am correct, you are reading this because you have been recently acquainted to Samir Attalah or heard about him and his business opportunity through someone you know. I know, I have been in your shoes, skeptical about everyone I meet especially the one who claims to be “successful” and tell you that “if you listen to them, you’ll be successful like they are”. I’m sure this is not the first time you hear something like that, and it won’t be the last time either. Before you read any further on this website or any other websites, here is what I want you to think about:

1. Who write all these blogs? Do you know them personally? Are they credible (in other words, do they have the fruits that you want on their trees?)

2. Are these blog writers (especially the negative ones) are going to pay your bills at the end of this month, pay for your kid’s college tuition, bring your wife home from work, get you out of debt, fix your marriage, take care of your mom and dad?

3. Will the negative blog writers offer you something better that allow you to accomplish your dream, that is proven and approved with the A+ by both FTC and Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an excellent education system backed up by multiple multi-millionaires called World Wide Dream Builder (WWDB)?

If you can answer yes to all or any of the above questions, please stop reading from here.

If my guess is correct, you don’t know most of these blog writers including me, the one whose blog you are reading right now.

My name is Liem Le, and just like you, I am stuck in the rut system (JOB), working overtime and never seem to meet end-meets. I watch my friends and relatives slaving away and spending the best time of their lives over a tiny paycheck. All they ever get excited about are Fridays and the weekends. The worst part, I watch how their personalities change as time goes by. They get angry easily, they treat their wives worse than they treat their bosses and coworkers. And their kids are messed up. I am not sure if you have experienced any of these, but I saw that and I want nothing to do with this rut system (JOB) that is literally destroying America (The best country on the planet Earth.