Who is Ty Tribble?

Ty Tribble

Notice the necklace. Ironic, isn't it?

“After leaving Quixtar in 2001, Bo Short, Ty Tribble and others started a new MLM company, Passport. That company apparently didn’t do so well and the Passport folk merged into Oasis LifeSciences, which then became Univera LifeSciences. Earlier this year, Bo and Ty started promoting what they said would be “the fastest growing company in network marketing”Max International.

Now they’ve jumped again, to what is not yet clear, but frankly I wouldn’t have been completely surprised…” Complete story here: “Bo Short, Ty Tribble jump companies again” at The Truth About Amway.

Many people are starting to come out with the truth about Ty Tribble and his scams. As reported here. Ty needs to learn the “Laws of Harvest” as stated in Galatians 6:7-10, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Ty’s failures lead to his personal vendetta against other successful network marketing leaders such as Samir Attalah, Brad Duncan, and many other successful entrepreneurs. He created several bogus blogs with misleading information about Mr. Attalah. What Ty Tribble doesn’t understand is that success is not just about having money. As stated in 1Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” (NKJV)

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  1. ray jay says:

    #tytribble Ty Tribble is only in it for himself. Get rich quick is his commitment.

  2. Dalen says:

    It is shame for people like Ty Tribble to put a bad rebutation for great opportunities . shame shame

  3. clayton says:

    I have never met Ty Tribble but after I red all negative comments on him, I went to see his blogs and no wonder why people do not like him bz his lack of integrity.

  4. Joe says:

    You cant have live a life of wrong doings and expect to be blessed. How can Ty Tribble continue to do what he does to make quick money and expect to be blessed?

    • Ray says:

      Ty represents a quick rich scam which unfortunately uses people and gives our industry a bad name. Truth always prevails and wrongdoings will eventually be exposed but you have to seek truth as well as evaluate leaders regarding their character, check the fruit on their tree. Samir is an incredible example of a great fruit bearer.

    • sawn says:

      I got curious when I heard of Ty Tribble so I looked into his web sites and I kind agreed with almost all negative comments which posted on him. I found he want to win in life by his obvious lack of integrity and putting others down.What a waste of life

    • Davis says:

      One of the worst decision I ever made is to do biz with Ty Tribble It was nothing but to scam people

  5. mark says:

    It is amazing to me how a person like Ty Tribble jumps from biz to biz and hurt people with him . To me that is lack of integrity. tying to make a quick buck.

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  7. Steven Solinger says:

    Love your site man keep up the good work

  8. Adore the new look. I enjoyed the article. Thanks for the excellent work.

  9. Big Dreamer says:

    Im proud to be a part of what Samir is doing this is a great work

  10. Becky says:

    Ty Tribble has no balls. Samir Attalah is a man who does whatever it takes. Proud to know you Samir.

  11. Big Dreamer says:

    You can,t build yourself up by taring someone down whats right is right

  12. Bill says:

    I can’t wait to find out the garbage of Ty’s background and spread it all over the internet for the world to see. Oh and make up stuff to boot. Ty is a total jerk.

  13. gk says:

    Thank God Ty does know me – he would do to me the same to Samir Attalah. Ty claims to be a Christian, but by his fruit he act like the Devil. God has hidden my sins to remember them know more. Ty is the one who decides to pull them back up. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

  14. Patrick says:

    Ty Tribble have you ever bothered to look behind you to see how many people in your business are following you. I dont think you have that many, you need to practice some leadership skills and lead by example and quit thinking your gonna get rich by just sitting while everyone else is doing the work you will loose your people real quick.

  15. Stanley says:

    Ty Tribble have you thought about the amount of success youd have by now if youd have stayed involved with the amway business and the amount of people that would look up to you?

  16. JC says:

    Ty Tribble have you ever thought how much greater and more fruitful your life would be if you would have stayed and built the amway business? Also how much better of an example youd be setting for your wife and kids.

  17. Conner says:

    Ty Tribble have you ever taken into account how much more better off you would be right now if you would have stayed in amway and broken at least 6-9 diamonds, how better your life would be.

  18. Brian says:

    Ty Tribble are you aware your business is rated very lousy on the chamber of commerce?

  19. Monty says:

    Ty Tribble knows nothing about business thats probly why he seems to be jumping around from MLM businesses and has no success. Not a very smart guy.

  20. Luke says:

    I will choose Samir Attalah over Ty Tribble any day of the week.

  21. Wendy says:

    Ty Tribble is not a great example to follow he is 100% unreliable, untrustable, unorganized and doesnt care about anyone unless he has something to take from you. Not someone I want to be involed with.

  22. Josh Fremont says:

    Ty Tribble is such a liar he doesnt even know when hes lying anymore. He is out there to scam you and brain wash you ignore him all you can and dont believe anything he says. I advise you get bug spray and spray him away if you have to he is that bad if not worse.

  23. Sara says:

    Ty Tribbles way on making money: Ripping you off, lying to you, and scamming you. Sound like someone youd wanna do business with? I dont think so not in a million plus years.

  24. Fay H. says:

    Ty Tribble has been involved in so many different businesses that he doesnt even know what he is doing and therefore he has to go around tearing other people down and bashing their success accomplishments because he doesnt have the balls and right attitude to do what it takes. He is not a leader and doesnt know diddly squat about how to lead a successful group of people I suggest no one listen to this guy unless you wanna be miserable.

  25. Steve says:

    Ty’s business does not appear on the Direct Selling Associations list of members. Does he qualify????

  26. Jaime says:

    Why does Ty on each one of his blogs about all the different Diamonds advertise his company or his system? Makes you wonder what his purpose is, and how he really makes money?

  27. Susan says:

    Ty Tribble has jumped several MLM’s in the last 10 years. Talk about unstable. Who do you want to follow? Ty Tribble who can’t keep a team together and needs to jump ship if he is not getting what HE wants from you? No thank you! He builds his business trashing others who are successful in ventures he, himself, have failed in. What a sore loser!

    I will stick with Samir Attalah, World Wide Dreambuilders, and Amway Corporation. Truth, even when it reveals what needs to change, always wins!! You must first learn to lead yourself, before you can lead others.

  28. Davey says:

    Does anyone know the result of a multimillion dollar lawsuit that was filed against Ty and Bo his business partners and some others for cross recruiting?

  29. Darell says:

    Ty Tribble is not someone you can trust hes a big liar and does nothing but talk and talk about himself.

  30. Mike Walls says:

    Dont you hate people who go around talking about themselves all the time and cant keep their mouth to themselves.Well that is a great description of Ty Tribble.

  31. Hannah Paulaus says:

    Ty Tribble needs to be shaken and stirred up so he can realize he is only fooling and hurting himself in the long run by putting other network marketing comapanies down like amway for example. Amway is a very great and successful company they are numer one in the world.

  32. Doug says:

    Ty Tribble is a scammer!!!!!!!!

  33. Terry says:

    Ty tribble is a selfish self-centered guy he spend most his time talking about himself and less time focusing on other people which is more important.

  34. Phillip says:

    Apparently Ty Tribble thinks its a good idea to put down all the amyway leader so he can get his multi level business exposed and make it sound like its the ultimate thing. Okay now who does he thing hes fooling I think he needs to wake up before he realizes it to late. Amyway is the #1 business in the world and can be passed down to generations.

  35. Brandon says:

    Ty Tribble is very unorganized I sat down with him a couple weeks ago to take a look at his business marketing plan and he couldnt even look me in the eyes. Right there I felt like this wasnt a smart decision and he got mad at me for calling him out.

  36. Andrew says:

    Ty Tribble does not know how to lead people he talks to much about himself and what hes done rather than talking about the people in his business. Something like this is nothing new.

  37. Steven Parks says:

    Never trust Ty Tribble he is a liar. This guy was one of my best friends until he started being self-centered and did nothing but talk talk talk and talk some more about himself. Any true leader knows that you put yourself last and your people first if you want to reap true rewards and this takes time.

  38. Don W says:

    Ty Tribble has some screws loose in his brain somebody help the guy to understand that he needs to wake up and and realize who hes competing against and doesnt stand a chance.

  39. Brice says:

    Ty Tribble is so confused he does not know how to properly run a business on his own and because of his lack of skills he is screwing up other people and does not even care.

  40. Brice says:

    Ty Tribble has no sense of respect or love for people. He doesnt care about his people and looks like his people soon wont care about him what a bad leader he is with no direction.

  41. David D says:

    Ty Tribble seems to be putting down all the leaders in amway in order to promote his business. I think hes fooling himself. Amy is the number on business in the world and I am proud to be a part of it.

  42. Sidney says:

    Ty Tribble is such a liar and unreliable he tends to get himself caught up in his own lies and doesnt even know it. Someone like this its really difficult to count on.

  43. Micah says:

    Ty Tribble is a money scam stealing lying crap ball. I take if the man is suppose to be the head of the family hes teaching them how to do the same.

  44. Aaron D. says:

    Geez looks like Ty Tribble is messing up everybody and anybody he can just to make his dollars. I knew there was something different about this guy but didnt pay much attention to it until now that im reading all these comments. Thanks everyone for your honest comments ill have to tell Ty im done dealing with him.

  45. Craig says:

    I do remember when Ty called me a while back trying to motivate me to get into his deal.I told him you got to be kidding me to leave Samir Attalah who helped me to be a good leader for my family and my life.To leave Samir Attalah”s great organization to follow a loser who jumps from biz to biz for quick buck advertising himself in the net with no character .I told him you want me to leave Samir Attalh’s biz who helped me to develop $9000/month income for the last 13 yrs to join you .You got to be kidding.

  46. TJ says:

    I have not talked with Ty since he left the Amway business. He was very excited about his business and worked very closely with Samir. He was building a good business and he eventually quit the business. He owes a lot to the Amway business as well as Samir for helping develop his leadership skills. He should be appreciative of the time and effort spent helping Ty, and not slamming such a great man. Grow up Ty and develop your own business. Stop being a bottom feeder

  47. Helen Hanks says:

    My husband was involved with Ty Tribble and I hate to talk negative but I think I have to on this one. Ty is a very lazy and dishonest guy hes the kind of person who expect other people to do all the work while he gets all the money and unfortunately this is what make business illegal and gives network marketing a bad name.

  48. Greg Smith says:

    My wife and I were involved with Ty Tribble for a couple years and I happened to have thought he was the coolest guy ever until my wife bless her heart always felt like something wasnt right. Disaster lied ahead, this guy was screwing us over with thousands of dollars that we invested into his business and saying lies like you would never believe. This man is a jerk hes selfish and has little to no respect for people if hes not making some kind of money off of them.

  49. Alan H. says:

    Hey Ty I want my gold necklace you stole from my car back some day soon you thief unless you sold it and spent the money on your business scam. I dont doubt thats what you probably did.
    I would not recommend Ty Tribble to anyone those of you who are involved in any way with Ty Tribbles MLM I would recommend you rethink your decision.

    • Steven Parks says:

      You serious Alan? Gosh seems like your not the only one. Ty Tribble tried stealing my Iphone also he put it in his pocket and good thing I had it locked which I don’t think he noticed. I called it and what do you know; I heard it ringing in his pocket and he comes up with something silly like O I was just holding on to it for you.

  50. Bryan Walker says:

    Why does this world have to be filled with people who always have to tear you down dam just get sick of it especially brainless idiots like Ty Tribble this scammer has been on the hunt and has hired other people to go along with him to try and get others sucked into his business scam this crap does not work you have a 98.5& chance of loosing a couple thousand before you make a penny I’m a multi-millionaire and understand business and this is not one for anyone who want something honest and legit to get involved in.

  51. Tristan says:

    Ty Tribble is such a fool somebody throw a rock at him and wake him up hopefully people aren’t stupid enough to believe his silly little money making lies it doesn’t work you will end up loosing big time in the end.

  52. Michael Boast says:

    My Gosh Ty Tribble is like hell on earth this asshole is such a money self-centered B. I am telling you all a message dont get involved with anything this guy has to offer you you will regret it and live in misery til the day you die if you do this jerk is a scam and has no life. Excuse my bad language but this idiot makes me mad I cant believe all the people he is screwing over.

  53. Conner Robbins says:

    Ty Tribble is the biggest scammer on the face of the earth. He is competing with an 8.4 billion dollar debt free company he doesnt stand a chance. As for right now he is out scamming people and taking their money to be able to pay for the costs run his own. This guy is disgusting and ugly someone give him some plastic surgery.

  54. Ronald Hickins says:

    Hey guys if you have to put your glasses to read this please do so if you have been thinking of getting involved in Ty Tribble multi level marketing it is a scam have him give you a reasonable explaination and look you right in the eyes he cant do it he is such a liar all hes interested about is getting to know you for a couple months and bam sign you up in his scam once thats done he takes your money like that in a flash and dump you off in the middle of no where and acts like he never even knew you. Just a bit of advice.

  55. Tom Anderson says:

    Hey Ty Tribble I would like to have my money back that you stole from me in your piece of crap scamming business that you told me a bunch of lies about. Your stupid crap dont even work your just out to steal peoples money any way that you can and make their lives a living hell. Your such a jerk! Hope Satan takes you soon if you continue to steal and lie to people who want to make a better life.

  56. Tom Anderson says:

    I cant believe the things Ty Tribble does to people. Hes like a human satan on earth destroying peoples future by stealing their hard earned dollars through his EIRO business scam that isnt even guaranteed to work or give you great results. What a selfish kid makes me wonder how he treats his wife poor woman.

  57. Lorrie Klein says:

    My gosh Ty Tribble has no common sense hes dumber than rocks. This retard doesnt even know how to successfully run his rinky dinky multi level marketing business scam somebody please find a multilevel marketing book for extreme retard and give it to the guy. Once you do run for your life or he might just get you sucked in and rip you off as well.

  58. J says:

    It is very amazing for a guy like Ty tribble to post a law suit alligations which any attorney can do and accuse someone with for money but he never posts the outcome of it.I know for fact Ty doesn’t want to know the whole thing was thrown out of court Samir Attalah is great guy and his walks in the biz for more than 20 yrs proofs it.

  59. Edward says:

    I did some research and found out that EIRO started in 2009. That’s a baby company. Come one people, Amway’s been in business for 50 long years. Obviously, Ty is trying to compete and defamate Samir and Amway.

  60. Glen says:

    I always do my research before I get involve with any businesses. People just have to be skeptical about what is being presented especially by naysayers.

  61. Rudy says:

    There are people out there that just can’t keep their mouth to themselves. All I can say is that Ty is one of the example.

  62. Kevin Carter says:

    This guy Ty is such a jack my uncle was involved in business with this fool and he was really looking forwarded to becoming successful with Ty but apparently after a year Ty decicded to screw him over by 18K this Ty guy makes me sick.

  63. JayJay says:

    I never heard about this guy but it’s nothing new. There are guys like that out there, who will try to do anything to get ahead, even if it means losing their character.

  64. Mary says:

    Ty Tribble is a cheap skate. Hes worthless

  65. Sofia says:

    This guy Ty is so fake. What makes him credible to anything?

  66. Kyle Fischer says:

    BEWARE For Ty Tribble he is out to get you for your money and whatever he can take advantage of you for im not just saying this because everyone else is but because it has happened to me and four other great friends of mine that ive had for 9years.

  67. Todd Bosch says:

    I agree with your comment Hector. Ty Tribble is a guy who is always wanting quick success and results and if he doesnt get it then he goes off bad mouthing people. Seems to me like he doesnt care about others only himself and his money.

  68. Mark Bridges says:

    Man looks like im not the only one whose had a bad experience with Ty. I agree with all the above comments. Ty Tribble is worthless I feel bad for his wife.

  69. Richard Jones says:

    Ty Tribble is worst than a little kid. He just isnt happy about himself. Why does he have to go around making other peoples lives miserable just because isnt happy with himself and making millions of dollars I dont understand people who are greedy like him no wonder why his life sucks.

  70. Scott Williams says:

    I have had a very bad experience from being involved with Ty Tribble and his group of business people. Ty tribble has successfully trained his people how to talk you into getting into his scamming rindy dinky business. For anyone one looking to start a business please I hope you hear me on this one dont please dont get involved with Ty Tribble you will regret it for life.

  71. Mitchell Palmer says:

    A liar liar liar liar and more of a liar liar and that is Ty Tribble he has lied several time to myself and very close friends of mine who were involved in his businesses we dont believe Ty is a guy who you should put any of your hope in and I say this from 11 years of knowing this guy very well. Thanks hope that helps.

  72. Heather Frost says:

    Ty Tribble is a lying scammer and doesnt have a heart for people. He was very rude to me because I wasnt making him any money in his business what a kid this jerk is with no respect for others.

  73. Brice says:

    I agree with Rory’s comment above. Ty tribble is a scam and liar he does not know how to successfully lead a group of people and is constantly scamming others.

  74. Tom H. says:

    Ty tribble is like a roaring lion seeking people whose lives he can turn into a living hell by lying to them, scamming them, stealing as much money as possible as he can from them, and making them think he is their best buddy. Ty Tribble is nothing but a scam and enjoys being very selfish and self-centered.

  75. Amanda Oliver says:

    Ty Tribble is such a migrane. He screwed my husband and I over thousand of dollars. He has no character what so ever. He is worse than a little kid with no brain.

  76. Rory H. says:

    I think Ty Tribble is like Satans best friend hes here to steal people money, kills them mentally, and destroy their ambitions and dreams. Ty Tribble is a two faced jerk.

  77. Rory H. says:

    Hello Everyone I hope you guys are open minded enough to listen to what I have to say. I was great friends with Ty Tribble since we were kids growing up up until he decided that it would be a good idea that he get me involved in his business and decided to take advantage of me and screw me over for all my money which was millions. Ty is not a responsible guy and he will ditch you if he feels like it. What I thought turned out to be a good lifelong friend well he turned into one money stealing and lying jackass. Please people dont get involved and risk loosing your hard earned dollars to this scum bag. I am writing from experience.

  78. Jessica Simmons says:

    Ty Tribble is a scam please people dont believe whatever this guy tells you he has put a bad name on network marketing he is out to take everyones money especially in a tough economy this guy doesnt have the money to pay his bills and is fooling people makingg them think that life is likr roses for him and his family.

    • dan says:

      I knew Ty and his wife and were good friends. He has fallen to using Samir to build his business. If Ty’s business is so lucrative, why would he have to slander Samir and other entrepeneurs to develop his business. You sure don’t see Mercedes Benz trying to compete with Hugo’s’ for market share. Ty – take your Hugo and go back to yugoslavia.

  79. Steve K. says:

    Ty is a looser he acts and makes it look like he wants to help you but he is a two-faced kid. Dont believe him or youll be sorry you did

  80. Deonna says:

    Ty Tribble is always on the hunt of seeing who he can fool to enter his multi level marketing team and his putting a bad name on multi level marketing this jerk is brain washing a lot of you dont believe anything this guy says.

  81. Veronica says:

    Ty Tribble is a jerk of no character!!!!!

  82. Morgan says:

    Ty Tribble was a great guy and friend of mine but now I cant believe all the things hes been doing by ripping people off and thinking he is some hot shot. can anybody relate?

  83. Naomy says:

    Supposebly Ty Tribble claims he is a christian what kinda of christian goes around ripping people off, scamming other for their money, lying, and is self-centered? Im thinking he must be satans christian cause I definately know Gods people dont do that kind of stuff. Anyone feel like proving me wrong???

  84. Lonnie says:

    A true leader never talks about himself and takes all the credit apparently thats what Ty tribble seems to do. Its not worth doing anything with him your taking a big risk this guy is such a headache and acts worst than a kid.

  85. Stacey says:

    Ty tribble is not a guy you can trust. I cant believe people like him who are self centered.

  86. Leann H. says:

    Is it legal to bury Ty if so anyone wanna help? Ty Tribble keeps scamming people and his multi level marking doesnt work Ive tried it and people like Ty who rip others off put a bad name on network marketing and big business. Ty is worthless.

  87. Jason says:

    Ty tribble is so rude and disrespectful do people he doesnt care about anyone unless he is making money off of them. I hate this guy.

  88. Carolyn says:

    Ty tribble is such a liar, I cant believe all the garage he fills people with. I wouldnt believe anything he does or says its not worth it.

  89. Hector says:

    Ty Tribble is such a fool, hes screwed over many people. Do you think he cares? I dont think so if you do i feel sorry for you.

  90. Kv says:

    Ty tribble needs to wake up from his dormant state of mind. Who is he fooling?

  91. James says:

    It’s obvious that ty tribble is trying to compete with amway by making slandering remarks about the company. And, at the same time, he’s targeting other network marketing companies. Seems like he’s into those ‘get rich quick’ scam.

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