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Our Story

-"I made a decision to communicate."

Theresa and Samir met through their business venture and became best friends. Theresa comments on her thoughts of Samir before dating: “I was very impressed with Samir and admired and respected him for what he had accomplished as a single and a foreigner in business. He also had great family values and incredible integrity." They got to know each other for 6 months and learned each other's values before making the decision to date. They tied the knot two months after dating and married in 1994. Now, they have three beautiful healthy children.


“We are so grateful to our dearest friends and mentors for helping us become better people and for helping us build our business,”

"I am Loyal, no matter what."

Samir and Theresa's long loving marriage has never seen or heard of financial debt thanks to their commitment to building a debt-free cash flow years before. This allowed Theresa at the young age of 26, to walk away from the corporate world of a sales representative for the rest of her life. She joined her newly married husband Samir in the life of financial freedom to start a family without the crippling struggles that finances can bring. This also allowed them to be the walking examples to their children while instilling their value system into them for them to grow up with a sense of purpose and direction. 





If it weren't for the major difference in culture and economy, Theresa and Samir grew up in a similar situation, Theresa grew up with 6 siblings in a stressful home in the States. Samir grew up with 6 siblings in the stressed out impoverished Egypt at the time.           -"Samir Attalah" section-




"Don't try, Commit!"

“Our children will never know what it is like to have parents that go to a job forty to fifty hours per week, but they will understand what it takes to succeed in your own business,”

The Attalahs live in a 6,000-square-foot “Street of Dreams” home in Redmond Washington and same neighborhood of the Costco founder. “When we moved into the home, we took nothing with us. Instead we completely decorated the home with new furniture and paid cash for everything,” says Theresa. The Attalahs feel very blessed to live in a beautiful home and they will never forget where they came from. “We both lived in old dumpy apartments, had used furniture, and were busted broke. Neither of us ever allowed our struggles to prevent us from thinking long-term. This business requires hard work, but the rewards are so worth it. We cherish our freedom and live a debt-free life with total peace of mind,” says Samir. “We love sharing the business with others and helping them to fulfill their dreams and goals.”




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