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            Samir and his wife find great satisfaction with spreading hope and positivity around the world. 


            Ways they are able to do so is through public speaking. Samir still shares his story to countless others in the attempt to spark hope in other's lives'. If you refer over to the "our story" section, Samir's story can be found under "Samir Attalah"

            When you hear Samir's story and partly grasp the background he is from. You may start to understand just how bad everything could be. That is not to take away from any person's struggle, because all of us go through difficult circumstances, but to inspire you to actually go through what lies in our paths. 


Male Speaker

Public Speaking


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             Family and friendships are two of the greatest facilitators of happiness. -John C. Maxwell


             Samir has an extremely strong value system, it's what filters all his decisions. If he is ever faced with a dilemma he asks where it falls in his value system. 

               Family is one of his primary values where all Samir's decisions are aimed to keep secure and safe. He sees it as simply the responsibility of any man that has a family or potentially will have a family.

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             “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” - Gustav Flaubert.


             Samir and Theresa have made traveling as one of their life long passions. Italy, Spain, England, and Egypt are just a very few of the amazing places they've had the time and finances to visit. 

               They also believe in not only visiting all these places but immersing themselves in the culture for longer than weeks on end. To the Attalah's, the world is meant to be experienced and traveled. The biggest obstacles for others to do so is a job that doesn't pay you enough or gives you and your family enough time. This simple fact clearly influenced the Attalah's desire for family financial freedom and to help others achieve the same.


             A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. -John C. Maxwell


             Leadership is one of Attalah's keys to his success. It's what he gives credit to for going outside of his family tree to bring blessings back. When others say the risk is too great and chances are slim, leaders are the ones who see it as an opportunity to separate from the heard and make a difference.

              Considering the steps needed to leave the homeplace Samir left took a massive amount of courage to venture out into the unknown. Now his vision is to be the light for those that feel trapped in darkness and looking for a way out. Every great accomplishment in history was the act or acts of great leaders, and Samir understood that.


Samir on a golfing trip with Leadership guru, John C. Maxwell 


             No one has ever become poor by giving.                                                                                -Anne Frank


             Giving is a step that some, unfortunately, do not take when they reach success. A wise man once said: "Some people are so poor, all they have is money."

               In sharing wealth, you can really make a difference and even change the world. Samir with the help of his mentorship learned the gratification of giving and helping others succeed. 

               A success principle that many of the most generous people have developed in their life is the 4 S's principle. The first "S' being Survival, then Stability, Success, and lastly, Significance. A majority of us participate in the first two. Some are disciplined enough to make it to Success, and there are select few who see life as something more than a race to a finish line. These are the ones who arrive at Significance where they choose to donate their time and money that they accumulated towards a bigger purpose.

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The Attalah's Generosity



             Just a handful of examples of Samir and his family's generosity that should be brought to the surface are as stated:

              In 1996 Samir revisited an orphanage in Asyut that sheltered him as a child and fed him. That orphanage now receives financial stability from Samir himself through the Asset he has created.


              Not only has Samir completely blessed the orphanage that aided him growing up, but also his 6 brothers by retiring their wives and send all 17 of their children to private school by paying for all expenses!


              For one of the seventeen nephews, in particular, Mohab had a strong passion for music. Samir observed this and made it his responsibility to provide Mohab with all the musical lessons/equipment needed to pursue his dream since he was 6 years old. Mohab, now 29 years old (2019), leads an entire orchestra in Kuwait and is extremely successful.

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